Two years ago I bought my first coffee roaster. A Fresh Roast 500 and a selection of green beans. Now i also have a  larger Behmor roaster and have roasted over 275 lbs of beans.

The inspiration for roasting my own beans was a cup of "Flat White" served up in a cafe in Devonport, NZ in 1998. I was so impressed by the flavor that I asked the waiter where I could purchase the coffee. He told me the cafe purchased the beans from an estate in Papua and had them custom roasted exclusively for their use. He did however let me have a kilo to bring home.




This must have planted the germ as I began to look for Papuan coffees and found they were not commonly present in the SoCal market. When I found them they did not match the fresh roasted flavor I had in NZ and a couple more visits confirmed that was indeed true.

I looked around for sources of Papuan coffee in the USA and found more green beans than roasted beans.Then it became obvious that I would have to roast my own.

I also discovered that a Flat White is a less sophisticated way of saying Macchiato.

My small roaster will do batches of 4 1/2 oz  and the large one 11 oz of beans. Over the past 27 months I have roasted approximately 700 times. Enough experience to say I know my beans. I use Papua as a base for my daily brew combined with a good Ethiopian Yirgachefe and a good quality Brazilian with an occasional touch of a Central American bean. Heretic that I am I brew Espresso from a single bean rather than cup the roast.

Just as I do with wines I buy quality beans from direct importers who carry good grades of beans at value prices.




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