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Soapbox Time!!

6-2012 Soros agrees with Buffett.

Still true 11-2-2011 A Simple explanation by Warren Buffett of the "Euro's Problem" on the Charlie Rose Show.on 8-15-11. Quote " by joining the Eurofunds group the member nations lost the ability to print more of their own currency on an as needed basis to fund deficit spending". Bailing out the irresponsible countries has exhausted the Euro based credit of the entire group. AND, in my opinion, asking the German voters to pay for Eurobonds without absolute political controls is just not going to happen.

Also, his argument for U.S. deficit spending in the 2-3% range to encourage ongoing economic expansion , coupled with reducing government spending so that income tax represented a much larger percentage of budget, was very compelling.

It takes a lot of wisdom to put things in perspective so simply. "

The latest economic idiocy! The Swiss are suffering because they are fiscally responsible and have a strong currency? Canada, New Zealand and Australia are suffering from the same problem.The answer was to tie the value of the Swiss Franc to the Euro so that Swiss workers earnings would not cost employers more. Over the not so long term that should allow savvy currency traders to make a killing as the Euro dies.

What they are really facing is being panicked by the speed at which economic "computerized hysteria" is communicated. The financial world's computers react to the most minute nuances their "purely artificial intelligence" systems can project as the next nanosecond's reality. Financial wizards then try to capitalize on the momentary panic (s) caused by this hysteria without any regard for the reality of everyday life. Politicians react to this bogus hysteria, as it  matches their methodology, where before you know it they have overspent by another couple of trillion (fill in Dollars/Euros/whatever).

This not the real world where value matters and "you have to be able to pay for what you buy!" If you can't; you go broke Stupid!

So sorry Swizterland and Co, you will just have to remain patient and responsible, weather the storm brought on by the irresponsible idiots.

Slow the "hysteria" by limiting computer generated trades to twice per day/

Fix Europe by dumping the Euro and forgetting the European Parliament concept. Go back to the old currencies and let the chips fall ,as they should, to their realistic levels as reflected in the responsibility shown by the various governments. Countries will cooperate with one another when they see any advantage in doing so, but at their own risk. Not because they were "out-voted" into "agreements".

Now lets tackle the US of A. Limit all elected officers to 2 terms. Do not allow any sinecures to accrue due to having served the public other than Social Security and Medicare benefits. The estimated cost of Congress, Defense, the Executive  and Judicial branches of Government would be done annually and funding would have to be approved and balanced under the heading of General Funding. Federal reserves would need to be created for emergencies and controlled by the President in conjunction with Congress. The General Fund, Federal Reserve funds and Deficit pay-off  fund would come from Income taxes. All other tax bills would be for a defined purpose and term; they must have an expiration date and the tax would be used only for the bill's specific purpose. Funds such as SS & Medicare would be taken out of the General fund restored to their original form.

Aid to Foreign governments should be stopped. You cannot buy friends. FairTrade with other nations is the truest reflection of common interest.

The US contributions to the UN should be the same as any other nation's. US humanitarian efforts should be made directly through appropriate charities.

The folks anti the above will argue "THAT YOU CAN'T STOP PROGRESS";  well if what is happening right now is progress, I say "LET'S REGRESS TO REALITY




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